La Barra Podcast – Talking about Service Design.

25 May 2018

Venue: 23Design
Hosts: Omar Tosca & Fabian Luna
Website: La Barra

La Barra Podcast – Talking about Service Design.

Omar and Fabian from 23Design invited Nora and me to talk about service design in their podcast La Barra. We were able to record 2 episodes:

S2E3 · Service Design: Differences with UX and it’s role in big orgs
Listen: link

Nora and Gabriela talk about the differences between Service Design and User Experience. We talked about their professional trajectory, and how they started doing Service Design.

S2E4 · Service Design: Measuring results and it’s future in México
Listen: link

We talked about how to know if you’re doing good service design, plus the challenges for a newly born community. Other topics:

  • Measurement of results in SD. What does it share with UX?
  • Be your own user. Experiencing SD in real life.
  • SD around the world. Success stories.
  • About the SDMX courses. The ideal profile to become a student.